Silvia Avramov | Founder

Silvia Avramov | Founder



Hello, Iā€™m Silvia. Welcome to my skincare store, Indigen Skinfood.

My background is in Business and Graphic arts, but my passion always was in nature and all things alive - people, animals, and plants. Following this passion, I started to develop skin care product lines that are using natural ingredients, many of which are food substances.

I believe everyone should give natural skincare a shot because it is not filled with poisonous chemicals, such as preservatives and fragrances that have been proven to be cancerogenic or harmful to the human body. There are safe preservatives and the essential oils not only successfully replace the chemical fragrances but instead of poisoning they help to heal the body. Natural skincare is not less effective than the one produced by the established cosmetic companies. Quite often it is even more effective and a lot of people find that their skin conditions improve and their skin looks better just by switching to natural plant-based skin creams.

I also believe that beauty starts within ā€” what we eat is as important as what we put on our skin. Organic, unprocessed food, free of disease-causing pesticides, and clean drinking water are essential for our health and for the way we look.

My mission is not only to formulate safe and effective plant-based products, but also to provide a forum discussing the essential role of plants to us and the environment. Plants were providing air, food, and medicine since the beginning of time and they still do so today. I believe that we understand just a fraction of their functions and power ā€” the biggest discoveries about them are still to come.

I also believe that independent, critical thinking and questioning the established beliefs are keys to progress in all areas of Life. That inspired me to name my brand INDIGEN, which stands for Independent Generation. I hope that independent generation people of all ages will support my brand and join me in my journey.

Thank you!

Silvia Avramov